Tractor New Holland series T6000


Model of Tractor

T 6050 Delta


NEW HOLLAND Fiat Power train Technologies Tier 3, 6 цилиндров

Displacement, cm3

6 700

Rated power (ISO TR14396), kW / hp.


Fuel tank capacity, l


Mechanical fuel injection pump


Maximum torque Nm at 1250 r / min




Quantity of gears to move forward


Quantity of gears to move back


Maximum forward speed, km / h




Smooth engagement of  the PTO


Fluid Circuit


Pump capacity, l / min.


Maximum lifting force, kg

5 240

Two pairs of remote hydraulics


3-point hitch Category 2






Air conditioner


Air heating


Deluxe seat



Front bracket (91 kg) + 6, 45 kg of cargo and towing hook



Width, m


Height, m


Length, m




A truly universal
   Looking for a tractor with the best in the market specific power? T6000 tractor features light weight and exceptional power balance. Should take into account the unmatched maneuverability, great all-round visibility from the cab and ease of management.
Need a multi-purpose machine? To why BOMA and running a wide range of programs - everything you need to achieve fast and flawless result. Now, map these features with ease, speed and safety of the tractor as transport for agricultural goods. Does the result of this your idea of ​​a multi-purpose machine?
Power and performance
Power system with Power Boost, provided on all models with the transmission T6000 Range Command and Power Command, allows to increase the power at the load on the VOMe, hydraulic drives, as well as in the transport of cargo. For that task can be employed up to 36 hp more power with a stock torque of 68 Nm. Power is always available at the right time.
Unparalleled level of comfort
 On the T6000 Series tractors with transmission Range Command and Power Command installed as standard and proven armrest module, allowing to work in the cab for a long time, and a new module ergonomic SideWinder II, which takes the concept of comfort a whole new level. Layout of the controls on the module SideWinder II is extremely conveniently at hand gear transmission, engine speed control, rear hitch and the valves external hydraulics, all this combined with a whole new level of comfort in the cabin.
Quality of the products is a priority for New Holland assembly plant in Basildon (UK). Pay attention to the interior finish of the tractor T6000 last generation. To finish using a strong quality materials that meet the standards and tolerances adopted by the automotive industry. The interior cabin is attractive, comfortable, ergonomic and designed for continuous operation. Investment in the most advanced production equipment and systems can improve quality control methods in the assembly plant. We provide a level of quality that is needed for you and your business.


EPM System, are available to increase the power when you need it the EPM System power management engine is the standard for the entire line of the series with the transmission T6000 Range Command and Power Command. EPM system provides power increase of up to 36 hp when the energy-transport operations, block design with BOMA, as well as block design hydroficated guns. EPM system provides automatic shutdown mode forcing decreases the load. As a result, you have the additional features cars with high output, which is activated only when needed.
INCREASE service intervals - Lower maintenance costs
Product quality, as a rule, reduces the cost of its operation. This definition is an accurate measure of T6000 Series tractors. The results of testing machine, which took place over 27 000 hours on two continents have shown that service interval of 600 hours using conventional oils suitable for all models of the series. This interval is the longest in the industry without compromising performance parts and machines and their life.
Selecting New Holland, you save money on maintenance and reduces downtime.
The simplest system of motor speed control (ESM) - CONFIDENT Cycle Management
A truly multi-purpose tractor must be confident to work with heavy tillage implements, and tools packaged by BOMA. ESM system controls the engine's speed supplies metered fuel, depending on the dynamics of changes in the load on the engine, allowing the engine to maintain the set speed. For convenience, the memory controller, you can add two high-speed operation of the motor. The operator can independently choose the desired speed mode with the button on the control handle transmission.
 Why the need for light tractors?
Privates planting, fertilizing, spraying, transportation of agricultural goods. Different types of work, different energy, but none of these operations does not require power-heavy universal tractors. So, why buy a large and heavy tractor? T6000 Series tractor is able to reach up to 200 hp with it's own weight is the average weight of 125-horsepower tractors. Who said that the concept of "power" and "weight" are inextricably linked?
Transmission Range Command has a simple, hardy and well-proven design. Transmission provides shifting gears without the clutch. This type of transmission is ideal for most types of work in the village. Power Command transmission provides shifting without interruption of power flow: no loss of torque, without changing the speed range, by pressing one button on the handle. Only New Holland offers a simple choice of types of transmission. Slow action IntelliShift system was specifically designed to improve the smoothness of gear changes. The system monitors the load, engine speed, oil temperature, ensuring the smoothest shifting.
After selecting the desired type of transmission is as easy as to shift gears
Both transmissions Range Command and Power Command offer the same number of gears. Standard package of 19 x 6 ECO 40 km / h can provide a maximum speed of 40 km / h at reduced engine speed. The design incorporates the principle of transmission overdrive, which can significantly reduce parasitic losses, resulting in fuel consumption snizhetsya. For operation at higher vehicle speeds can choose a car with a transmission 19x6 50 km / h Direct Drive (Direct Drive). For special operations provided transmission with creeper 29x12.




COMPONENTS OF SUCCESS: AUTOMATION, comfort and performance
  Amazingly simple to set up and effective working automated modes of transportation Auto Transport and work in the field Auto Field designed to facilitate control of the car. In transport mode, Auto Transport is smooth shifting as well as a car with an automatic transmission. Transmission responds to increased load even while driving downhill with a trailer. In this case, the transmission trying to maintain a given transmission and starts the braking system of the motor shaft. In automatic mode, Auto Field field operator, you set the engine speed limit below which there is an automatic transfer switch. To work with the tools packaged by BOMA set the lower limit speed auto-switch. During the work on the cultivation of the soil, to maintain torque - set an upper limit.
Provides a simple, without shifting gears, changing the direction of travel: forward - backward. Switching is performed by a lever on the steering column or the multi-function handle CommandGrip ™ installed on the module armrest SideWinder ™ II (optional). Shuttle mode can be set to auto switch when changing direction.
Confidently and quickly tipping the strip, road driving, improved performance, fast cornering
New Holland machines for their leadership on the rate of passage headland. The narrow layout propulsion units coupled with dynamic winged wheel front axle allow turning machines at extremely small radius. Programmable shuttle switch also helps to reduce the time reversal machine. System Fast Steer ™ - provides a full turn of a steering wheel "from castle to castle" in seconds with minimal effort - you just need to hold the ring Fast Steer ™ on the steering wheel, which, thus, becomes proportional to the "joystick".
 Terralock ™ system provides automated switching on and off of the drive front axle, as well as on and off locking differentials front and rear axle. Terralock ™ system was improved for generations of tractors. The system is extremely easy to setup and use. Depending on the speed of the machine and the rotation system determines when to include differential lock or wheel drive. Terralock ™ simplifies the steps on the headland, reduces the turning radius, reduces blurring soil.
Bridges machine running, despite the ease have a strong and hardy construction. With the increase in engine power T6000 models increases the level of strength of bridges, providing unrivaled power-performance across the range of the series.
All models of the transmission of 50 km / h as standard with brake wheel front axle and pneumatic braking system of the trailer. On models equipped with SideWinder II module provides brake motor shaft, which keep a given engine speed while driving downhill.
Automatic two-stage Comfort Ride cab suspension is a key element for unsurpassed operator comfort. Comfort Ride Suspension reduces fatigue while driving. Integrated suspension front axle Terraglide indispensable when working on surface tillage, fertilizing, and the transport of agricultural goods.
Unique design allows to significantly increase the performance of
Series T6000 tractors are fully prepared for the installation of an integrated front linkage and BOMA. Front linkage and PTO installed at the factory. Automated mode HTS headland provided for the rear and for the front of the system which, in combination with the standard mode Auto PTO (automatic BOMA) to quickly and easily cope with the rear mounted and Front attachment. Linkage rod can be folded when not in use linkage. Linkage rod can also be used to accommodate the full standard ballastirovochnogo gruzopaketa.
AUTO BOMA. These precision TEAMS
 Startup and shutdown of the drive at a given time BOMA is an important condition, such as lowering the rear hitch. If you start or stop the drive is selected incorrectly, can damage the PTO. Automatic BOMA can be set to automatic startup and shutdown of the drive. After setting up automatic BOMA will use a given lift height sample. Starting the drive is fully modulated, it is necessary to protect the drive tractors and implements. Controls and adjustments are located on the BOMA panel of the SideWinder II. All settings can be saved BOMA in memory monitor IntelliView III.
ALGORITHM headland
Automated features usually employed only when the operator to comfortably work with them. A simple and efficient algorithm of the automated New Holland passing headland HTS improved in a few years. The system allows you to record and store the set of steps for the passage of the headland. Play the recorded algorithm is carried out automatically on activation of HTS. A simple and functional way to reduce fatigue while working.
Continuous load lower links rear hitch is 6616 kg at a point remote from the ball tip of the lower links at 610 mm. Rear linkage to a category III. When a large carrying capacity of the nominal value of the sample in 8257 kg of its design and hydraulics allows you to work with heavy attachments for a long time. The design of the sample provides a dynamic suspension and overload protection with rocking guns during transport at high speed.
 POWERFUL HYDRAULICS for all occasions. Hydraulics, closed-center control lines, sensitivity to change in load
 Hydraulic system largely determines the functionality of the tractor. Hydraulic pump main hydraulic circuit T6000 Series tractors with transmission Range Command and Power Command provides a flow of 113 l / min. Steering system and circuit including differentials running bridges are operated by a separate pump capacity of 65 l / min. Full power hydraulic system is always available for external hydraulic control valves, as well as sample. During operation involved only the necessary amount of power. Pump with variable displacement and the control circuit with a sensitivity to load variations (CCLS) provides the necessary flow strictly in accordance with the customer load, thus reducing fuel consumption.
 Tractors of this series set four valves for connecting to the hydraulic system. Valves, the choice can have an electronic or mechanical control individually for each valve flow control. As a complement to the middle of the tractor can be fitted distribution for the three control valves, front loader or linkage. Valves distributor in the middle of the machine are controlled with a joystick in the cab.
Individually adjustable FLOW VALVES FOR SEVEN
 On tractors equipped module SideWinder ™ II, provides individual adjustment of flow and the timer setting for each valve. Control and configuration is carried out in the sub-menu touch screen IntelliView ™ III. In the standard set four external hydraulic control valve. In addition to the middle of the tractor can be fitted with a three-valve distributor.
Protected from noise and comfortable cab with excellent reviews
While inside standard cabins "Horizon" T6000 tractor, regardless of its specification, you will feel that this cabin was created just for you. Pay attention to the adjustment of the seat and the steering column. All the main controls on the arm placed exactly where you want them to be. In addition, exceptional visibility. The noise level inside the significantly reduced, which reduces fatigue during use. The cab "Horizon" has everything for your convenience, from the simple to the complete air conditioning system climate control (optional).
Bright lights and dark of night is standard on tractors in the series complete set of lighting devices work lights. Illumination angle can be adjusted depending on the nature of work. Working lights provide bright and wide coverage. Management is working with the lighting of a special panel in the cockpit. Xenon lights are available as an option.
  All T6000 Series tractors are equipped with radio Bluetooth RDS/MP3. You can not only answer calls to the voice wireless - handsfree, but also listen to your favorite tunes from your MP3 player or USB memory card.
Ergonomics and comfort
On the new panel of the SideWinder ™ II armrest equipped with multifunctional handle CommandGrip ™. The handle of this type have been successfully used in grain and forage harvester New Holland. The main functions can be controlled by pressing on the handle. Switching gears, the rear linkage control and engine speed, change of direction - all at your fingertips.
Handle CommandGrip ™. Push-button gear change, direction and control rear hitch
The touch screen monitor IntelliView ™ III. Affordable and a visual display of information. Sensory tune basic settings and compatibility with parallel driving New Holland IntelliSteer ™. To monitor IntelliView ™ III can connect up to three cameras, is indispensable to observe "no blind spots" of the work tool.
 Joystick hydraulic controls front hitch and loader or external hydraulic valves.
Mouse controls the rear linkage. Lifting heavy mounted implements are with exquisite accuracy.
In your customized joystick and mouse arm can be mounted in a convenient location.
 Slide manipulators control four valves external hydraulics.
Precise control of the engine speed, depending on the task.
 Exhaust PTO. Fully modulated Electronic VOMom enhances operational safety.
 Integrated control panel. Graphical user interface with push-button control.
SET ARMREST SIDEWIDER II where you are comfortable
Adjusting the SideWinder ™ II armrest is only one click - it can be easily moved to a comfortable position for you. The arm rest can also be adjusted depending on the equipment used.
Auto Comfort seat provides a level of comfort during long hours of work in the cockpit. Pnevmoresiverom seat is fitted with larger volume, which is efficient vibration dampening housing. AutoComfort seat is an integral part of the design models T6000, providing smoothness and softness.
 View from the cabin just got better
The design of the right cabin door no central cross bars, which greatly improves visibility. This design feature is standard on all models equipped with the armrest module SideWinder ™ II. All T6000 tractor models come standard equipped with skylight roof cabin with sunshade.
IntelliView ™ monitor is fully compatible with ISO BUS bus and can control various equipment, including balers and podkormschiki. No need to install a separate cabin control modules and produces a permanent change.